How to Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results
2015 l 2:00 pm

Unfortunately, even after you have professional teeth whitening completed, your smile can begin to grow dim once again. Once you spend the money on whitening treatments, it’s important to make the effort to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful. How can you maintain your teeth after a whitening treatment? Here’s a few helpful tips that will help you preserve your teeth whitening results.

Eat Firm Fruits and Veggies to Clean Teeth

The great news is that there are foods you can eat that will help you keep your teeth white and healthy instead of staining them. In fact, if you eat the right foods, you may be able to go longer between whitening treatments. Some of the best foods to eat to preserve your teeth whitening results are firm fruits and veggies. Firm fruits and veggies, such as carrots, apples, celery, cauliflower, and green beans help to clean your teeth while you’re chewing. These foods also promote saliva flow, which protects your teeth by neutralizing acids in your mouth. Add more firm fruits and veggies to your diet and enjoy that beautiful, white smile longer.

Consume Dairy Products to Keep Teeth Clean and White

It’s also a good idea to consume dairy products to keep your teeth clean and white. Dairy products that are high in calcium help to keep teeth bright. These foods include lactic acid, which helps to prevent tooth decay. Not only do hard cheeses include plenty of calcium, but they may also help to remove any foods particles left on your teeth as well.

Avoid Foods and Other Products That May Cause Stains

While certain foods help you preserve your teeth whitening results, other foods should be avoided to keep your smile bright. Make sure that you avoid foods and other products that may cause new stains on your teeth. Foods that may stain teeth include dark sodas, wine, tomato sauce, jams, berries, sports drinks, coffee, tea, and soy sauce. Tobacco products, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco have the ability to stain your teeth as well, so it’s best to avoid these products to keep your teeth looking beautiful.

Consider Using a Sensitivity Toothpaste

While tooth whitening offers a great way to get whiter, brighter teeth, some people may experience tooth sensitivity after whitening. If you experience any sensitivity, you may want to choose a sensitivity toothpaste that helps to reduce problems with sensitivity over time. It’s also important to realize that whitening too often can result in permanent damage to your teeth, such as tooth enamel erosion.

Step Up Your Daily Oral Hygiene

Don’t skimp on daily oral hygiene. After whitening, it’s time to step up your daily oral hygiene. You need to brush and floss daily. In fact, instead of just brushing twice a day, it’s better to brush after every meal so you avoid staining. Flossing is also essential and you should floss a minimum of once each day to make sure that you smile stays bright.

In some cases, your dentist may also provide you with home whitening kits that can be used between in-office whitening treatments. However, use only as directed and avoid using too often to prevent sensitivity and other dental problems.