Advances in Dentistry
2014 l 4:36 am

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because you’ve had a bad experience, you’ll be glad to learn that there have been advances in dentistry that have made the experience more comfortable and better for the patient. Let’s look at some of these.


Do you hate leaving the dentist office slurring your words and drooling because half your face is numb from the anesthetic? Good news! There is now a product called Oraverse that reverses the anesthetic your dentist uses to numb you gums and teeth. In studies the return of sensation happened twice as quickly as those whose dentist actually allowed the local anesthetic to wear off normally. This can be very helpful for those who have to go back to work or people who just can’t tolerate feeling numb long after their dentist procedures.

CAD/CAM Technology

Tired of amalgam in your teeth? Hate the unsightly silver but heard that resin doesn’t last long? Now through CAD/CAM Technology, you can have your filling customized precisely to your tooth in ceramic. CAD/CAM is computer aided design/ computer aided manufacture. Using a special 3-D camera, the dentist takes a series of photos of your tooth. Then, using the in house manufacturing machine, the dentist can create a perfect filling for your tooth. You don’t have to make impressions or leave with anything other than your new filling. The best part of all? It’s strong and looks completely natural, thus making your teeth look natural.

Sedation Dentistry

If you’re really anxious or you’re more sensitive than most people when it comes to dentistry, you’ll be glad to hear about Sedation Dentistry. At least 25 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of unnecessary fears. With Sedation Dentistry, dentists are specially trained to put the patients in a calm and relaxed state so that they can work on their patient’s teeth. With oral sedation the patient remains conscious and is able to cooperate with the dentist but does not remember much about the visit afterward. Instead, they simply have the work done on their teeth without worries and a good experience overall.

Laser Dentistry

Using lasers in dentistry have be around since 1994 but if you haven’t been going to the dentist, perhaps you were unaware of them. Lasers are used for various dental procedures, many that can make your experience more pleasant and less painful.

Using Lasers on Cavities

It sounds like science fiction, but imagine your dentist using a laser on your teeth instead of a drill to zap those cavities. Lasers can actually help harden the fillings as well.

Using Lasers to Remove Bacteria

Dentists use lasers to remove bacteria prepping an area for root canals and getting rid of infection in the bone and gums. With laser, there’s no need to use a scalpel and little to no bleeding and faster healing times.


Because lasers can replace scalpels, they can be used in oral biopsies to check for cancerous growths. Like using lasers to get rid of infections, there’s ittle to no bleeding and faster healing times.

Laser Whitening

Lasers are often used to activate certain whitening gels for a brighter smile.