5 Myths About Teeth
2014 l 1:42 pm

Like everything, there are myths surrounding your teeth. You might have even heard these touted as truth. Check out five myths about teeth that persist, but are wrong.

Myth #1: If You Get a Filling, it will Eventually Need Replacing

If you have a cavity and need a filling, you may have heard that your fillings will need replacing after a while. While fillings aren’t as good as your natural teeth and do have a life expectancy, if you take good care of your teeth, your fillings can last you your entire life. No replacement necessary.

Myth #2: You Can Ignore Cavities in Baby Teeth

As tempting as it might be to dismiss getting cavities taken care of in children’s teeth, if you have children, you really need to have those cavities filled. Why? Because not only can it cause pain, but it can also lead to serious abscesses. These abscesses can in rare instances lead to other infections in the body and can even cause death. If your child does have cavities, take care of them so that your child isn’t in any pain. Then, you might consider having sealant applied to your child’s teeth so that your child is less likely to get cavities.

Myth 3: A Tooth Can Dissolve in Soft Drinks in a Day

This one has been around since the 1950s. Seems a Cornell professor named Clive McCay stood before a congressional committee in 1950 and told them that Coca Cola would dissolve a tooth if the tooth was left in the glass. Seems he also said that if you poured Coca Cola on the Capitol steps that it would eat through those too. While drinking Coke isn’t great for your teeth due to the sugar and the acid, your teeth won’t dissolve because you’ve had a can of soft drink. But you might want to brush and floss after you drink it to prevent tooth decay.

Myth 4: The First President, George Washington, Had Wooden Teeth

George Washington had plenty of problems with his teeth, but having wooden teeth weren’t one of them. In fact, his dentures were made of various materials including human teeth, gold, lead, hippopotamus ivory, and even cow teeth. These dentures were terribly uncomfortable and were held together by screws and springs. Washington had a terrible time with them and was constantly making repairs on them or sending them back to the dentist, John Greenwood, for adjustments and repairs. It is thought that the teeth stained and took on a wooden look, hence the rumor that Washington had wooden teeth. The myth was so prevalent that even into the mid 20th century, people were being taught that Washington had wooden dentures.

Myth 5: Pressing an Aspirin Against a Sore Tooth Relieves Pain

If your teeth are hurting, you may be tempted to try this especially if a friend recommends it. Putting an aspirin against your sore tooth or gum will not help the pain. Instead, it might actually burn your gum as aspirin has salicylic acid in it. If it does, it could give you an abscess. So, swallow that aspirin because that’s how it will treat your pain.

5 Myths About Teeth