The Role of Insurance in Choosing a Dentist
2015 l 11:14 am

When it comes to medical and health expenses for your family, having insurance on your own or from an employer can be very helpful in defraying costs. Preventative care and different procedures can add up to large sums of money and may cause some families to watch their medical budget very closely. However, some decisions which make initial financial sense could actually end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

Since dental insurance is different from medical insurance, budget-conscious families need to be aware of what is covered in their policy and determine if their specific insurance is accepted when searching for a new dentist. With dental insurance, there is usually some type of maximum benefit amount that ranges anywhere from about $1500 to $2500 a year; however, nearly all of the policies will cover preventative treatments such as a routine examination and cleaning – frequently at 100%. In fact, many insurance companies believe that preventative care plays such a large role in overall dental health that they often cover two or three cleanings per year.

Review your policy and find out how many routine examinations and dental cleanings are allowed each year and take advantage of them. Regular hygiene treatments could help prevent major oral health problems or can help your dentist fix small issues before they become big problems. It never makes financial sense to postpone any kind of dental treatment because the problem will only get bigger and more expensive to resolve. A simple cavity could turn into a crown or root canal, which are much more expensive to repair.

Ask About Dental Insurance When Choosing a Dentist

When you need to find a dentist for your family it is important to know what types of dental insurances are accepted., the website where patients and dentists connect, has made the process easy for you by allowing you to include insurance as one of your criteria when searching for a new dentist. You can also search by dental specialty or look for dentists in a zip code that is close to your home, school, or place of work. Once we find possible dentists to meet your needs you can review their microsites for even more information. Then simply register and you can request a telephone call or appointment right from our site.

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