Potential Dangers of Dental Tourism Vacations
2015 l 2:00 pm

Upgrading your appearance with a new dental procedure will help you get noticed. With the world becoming increasingly global, traveling abroad to capitalize on lower rates for cosmetic dental procedures may seem appealing. You get the ability to enhance your smile and you could even get the pleasure of recuperating in an exotic location. What could be better? Unfortunately, all dentists do not have the same skills, and more often than not, opting to get cosmetic dental procedures abroad may lead to complications. Below are a few of the dangers of dental tourism vacations.

Poor Communication 

With over 750,000 people traveling abroad to get some form of medical care, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you may think that it is a viable option, but you should first consider all of the factors. One of the biggest problems with getting dental care abroad is the fact that not everyone speaks the same language. Even if the surgeons offer translation services, the risks are too great and the savings too small to risk your life.

Counterfeit Drugs

Drug companies in the United States are held to exceptionally high standards when creating drugs. Drugs go through rigorous research and testing before the drugs are made available to the public. Abroad, you do not have this same stringent approach to putting medication on the market. With profits as their first priority and few or no governing bodies to stand up for the rights of consumers, many dentists use fake drugs when they complete dental procedures. For you, this could mean complications stemming from the most routine procedures that could ultimately threaten your life.

Spread of Disease

Within the United States, there is a host of governmental agencies that regulate how dentist behave and these organizations regulate surgical procedures. In third world countries, there is very little oversight to ensure that dentists are doing everything they need to in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, or reduce the time it takes for you to heal. In fact, some doctors may even reuse needles in an attempt to save money, which places you at risk of getting serious diseases such as HIV.

Flying Home 

Although you may start the recovery process in a luxurious hotel facing the beach, you will eventually have to go home. Typically, when you depart you aren’t completely healed and this presents a challenge to many who fly back home. The American Society of Hematology states that sitting for extended periods of time will increase your chances of developing blood clots in your legs. If you consider the fact that the CDC states that “flying after surgery increases the risk of blood clots,” then you can see how dangerous it is to have surgery abroad and then attempt to fly home.

Alternatives to Dental Tourism Vacations

As more and more people get dental cosmetic surgery and more dental surgeons emerge, the price will decrease. This is evident in the fact that cosmetic dental procedures are much less now than they were 20 years ago. As the prices reduce, you can stash money away in no time, in order to receive the dental procedure you desire to restore your smile. If you do not like the idea of saving, you should consider financing options for dental procedures.

Dental tourism vacations may seem like a cost-effective way to get the dental care you need, but there are several risks. Instead of placing your life at risk, you should look for a dental provider within the United States that offers competitive rates for services.