Let Open Enrollment Serve as a Reminder to Visit Your California Dentist
2013 l 12:47 am

ChooseYourDentist.com wishes everyone a Healthy New Year! If you’re in a dental plan at work, you might be going through an open enrollment period now. This lets you think about the dental insurance plan you have and decide if you are going to stay with it another year. If things have gone well, you will probably stay with your current plan, but it is still a good idea to compare it with other options to see what else is available. If there have been changes in your family or dental health during the year, you’ll want to make sure your dental plan still suits your needs.

Whether you are staying with your current dental plan or changing coverage, this is also a great time to get the New Year off on the right foot by setting a January appointment with your dental professional. Make a resolution to take better care of yourself next year, starting with your oral health. Or you could decide it’s time to find a cosmetic dentist in California who can help you get the smile you have always wanted.

There is nothing more important to your confidence and self-esteem than a beautiful smile. ChooseYourDentist.com can help you find a cosmetic dentist near you who can help make that dream come true. Concerned with helping to improve your mouth’s appearance, a cosmetic dentist will:

  • Bleach or whiten any teeth that are stained or discolored due to cigarettes or coffee.
  • Install veneers made of porcelain or composite materials to restore a more natural appearance.
  • Reshape teeth for a more uniform appearance.
  • Install a bonded bridge that adheres to teeth on either side to replace a missing tooth.
  • Perform a gum lift to remove a portion of the gum and make the teeth appear longer.
  • Install a dental implant or mini-dental implant to serve as an anchor for a crown or false teeth.

ChooseYourDentist.com Makes Finding a California Dentist Easy

If you’re thinking about changing dentists or are interested in finding a cosmetic dentist in California, ChooseYourDentist.com can help. We make it easy to find a California dentist who can give you the smile you deserve. Simply register, search by geographic area or dental specialty, and use ChooseYourDentist.com to request a call or appointment. Be sure to look for any special New Year’s offers.

What else can we do to make it easier to find a cosmetic dentist in California? Let us know how we can help find a California dentist that’s right for your family. Further information on ChooseYourDentist.com may be found at www.ChooseYourDentist.com, by email at info@ChooseYourDentist.com, following ChooseYourDentist on Twitter, or by calling 1-888-I-CHOOSE.