Find a Periodontist in California Who Treats Gum Disease
2014 l 3:15 pm

A periodontist in California is a dental specialist who treats diseases of the gums and soft tissues. If you have severe gum disease, inflammation or bone loss, or persistent bad breath, you may need to find a periodontist in California who can help reverse the disease and repair the damage. Sometimes your general dentist may refer you to this dental specialist if your case involves a large number of dental implants or mini implants. A periodontist may treat dental diseases such as gingivitis and may also perform certain cosmetic procedures. A periodontist will:

  • Examine, diagnose and treat infections and inflammations of the bone and soft tissues surrounding your teeth.
  • Perform a deep cleaning of the teeth to eliminate filling margins that are irritating your gums and correct any occlusions.
  • Remove diseased tissue and use cosmetic procedures to restore the appearance of the gum line around the teeth.
  • Install dental implants or mini-implants as necessary to serve as an anchor for crowns or false teeth. This may require bone augmentation procedures if you have suffered severe bone loss.
  • Restore lost bone and gum support by performing bone regenerative procedures.
  • Help in the oral care and treatment of patients with certain diseases such as diabetes.

To maintain optimal gum health, your family dentist may provide a referral or you can use to help find a periodontist in California who will examine your teeth and develop a plan of action to restore your mouth to full health. has a database which contains names of periodontists in California, along with information about each practice. Use our site to find out if the periodontist is using the latest equipment and procedures to minimize pain and maximize results, or check out their dental qualifications.

The practice might have a microsite available with in-depth information such as patient testimonials, before and after photos, or a practice video that can help you feel more comfortable about your visit. You will also be able to find information about pricing and payment plans to help determine what may be covered by your insurance plan. Can Help Find a California Periodontist

To choose a periodontist in California, use the information at to help narrow down your choices. Look at each individual microsite to learn about any special techniques the practice uses to treat gum disease, and then use our service to set an appointment or request a telephone call for more information.

What else can we do to make it easier for you to find a periodontist in California? Further information on may be found at, by email at, following ChooseYourDentist on Twitter, or by calling 1-888-I-CHOOSE.