Find a Pedodontist in California Who Specializes in Pediatric Care
2014 l 11:18 pm

Some parents make the mistake of not finding a pedodontist in California because they think that “baby teeth” aren’t important. Because they’re going to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, these California parents don’t pay attention to oral hygiene for their very young children. But these baby teeth do serve an important function in helping to create space in your child’s mouth for the permanent teeth. If they should become decayed or fall out before the proper time, the permanent teeth may come in crooked or crowded, causing many problems for your child and you. You will have to brush your child’s teeth for the first four or five years, and supervise closely after that.

To maintain optimal health for your child, you can use to help find a pediatric dentist in California, and make an appointment before your baby’s first birthday. The doctor will check your baby’s teeth and gums to make sure the teeth can come in easily. This will also be the first opportunity to look for any signs of baby bottle tooth decay so steps can be taken before permanent damage is done.

As your baby grows and teeth keep coming in, your dentist in California will continue checking to be sure they are aligned properly and there is room in the mouth for all of them. If any problems are noted, you may need to locate a pedodontist in California who can make space retainers to maintain alignment and treat any special dental needs. Can Help Find a California Pedodontist

Similar to a pediatrician who meets the health needs of children, a pedodontist focuses on meeting the special needs of working with the teeth of toddlers and adolescents. A pedodontist has specific skills and knowledge about working with the mouths of developing children. The pedodontist may perform all the activities of a dentist such as filling cavities, extracting teeth, and diagnosing dental disease, but with a unique concentration on performing these treatments in the smaller mouths of younger patients. A pedodontist is also important in the early education of younger patients regarding lifetime oral wellness and proper dental hygiene techniques.

To choose a pedodontist in California, use the information at to help narrow down your choices. Look at each individual microsite to learn about any special techniques the practice uses to care for children, and then use our service to set an appointment or request a telephone call for more information.


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