Find a Dallas Orthodontist With These 3 Tips
2013 l 4:40 pm

Some families only think they need to find a Dallas orthodontist to work on teenagers’ teeth, but more adults are having orthodontic procedures. An orthodontist typically uses dental braces to restore alignment in your teeth and mouth. The good news is that braces aren’t the traditional “metal mouth” any more, and now come in a variety of clear styles and fun colors.

Conditions which may call for treatment by an orthodontist include a crowded mouth, misaligned or crooked teeth, or an underbite/overbite/crossbite. A Dallas or Plano orthodontist will use braces, retainers and dental appliances to gradually apply pressure and bring your teeth back into alignment.

Choose your orthodontist wisely because you’ll spend a lot of time together. There are regular visits in the first few months for adjustments during the treatment phase, and you may also need to wear a retainer after treatment to help maintain the new alignment of your teeth. Here are three tips to help find an orthodontist in Dallas TX that is right for you and your family:

  1. Think about what you need from your Dallas orthodontist: Not all orthodontists are alike. Some specialize in pediatric orthodontics while others work only with adults. Find one that meets your exact needs.
  2. Use to make the process easier: Our website allows you to search for an orthodontist in Dallas TX or helps you find an orthodontist in Plano TX. Use our site to request a call or an appointment.
  3. Find Special Offers: Many orthodontists in Dallas TX use to make special offers available to site visitors. Makes Finding a Dallas Orthodontist Even Easier

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What else can we do to make it easier to find an orthodontist in Dallas TX? Let us know how we can help find a Dallas orthodontist that’s right for your family. Further information on may be found at, by email at, following ChooseYourDentist on Twitter, or by calling 1-888-I-CHOOSE.