5 Tips to Find the Perfect Family Dentist
2013 l 7:19 pm

Finding the right dentist is crucial to your family’s health. Keeping everyone’s teeth and gums in top shape can help in the fight against periodontal disease and other health problems. A great dental health provider works as your healthcare partner by providing in-office services as well as patient education. Finding the perfect combination of traits to meet your family’s needs might seem overwhelming. Instead of just using the telephone book or blindly searching online for phrases like “Dentist Dallas TX” or “Dentist Mansfield TX” here are five tips from ChooseYourDentist.com to help in your search:

Determine What Type of Dentist Your Family Needs: Start by thinking about the dental needs your family has so you can determine whether you need to search for a dental specialty. If you have teenagers who need braces, you might need to search for a Dallas orthodontist. Older family members might be better with a Mansfield prosthodontist.

Narrow Your Search Geographically: You want a dental practice that will be convenient to reach. Think about whether you will be driving to appointments from home, school or work and search by zip code to find a dental practice that is conveniently located.

Pick Out a Few Top Contenders: Once you have found some dental practices that meet your general criteria, get to know a little bit more about them. Learn about the practice, find out what associations the dentist belongs to, review any available testimonials, and watch any videos that may give you further practice insights.

Think About Money Matters: Decide how you will be paying for any dental care. Find out if your potential dentist accepts your dental insurance plan. If you do not have insurance will the practice accept your credit card? Even with insurance, some treatments may not be fully covered. Since it is not a good idea to postpone treatments, find out if the dentist has financing options available.

It’s Time to Get Personal: Before making a final decision it may be helpful to schedule a telephone conversation with somebody at the dental practice who can answer any other questions you might have. Then you should take the time to visit your top dental office choices to take a look around and see if you feel comfortable with the office environment and dental care team.

What other criteria do you use in choosing a dentist for your family? Leave a comment below and tell us what other insights you would like to have when searching for a family dentist. Further information on ChooseYourDentist.com may be found at www.ChooseYourDentist.com, by email at info@ChooseYourDentist.com, following ChooseYourDentist on Twitter, or by calling 1-888-I-CHOOSE.